Family Law

The phrase “Family Law” encompasses many different issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Divorce – Marriage Dissolution
  • Spousal Support – Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Child Paternity
  • Child Custody – Time Sharing and Parenting Plans
  • Post Judgment Modifications/Enforcements

Alston & Baker is prepared to assist clients with all of the above matters. A divorce proceeding is always difficult and emotions usually run high. Once a decision has been made to obtain a divorce, the parties are best served if they can resolve as many issues as possible without the involvement of the Court. After all, who really wants their future decided by an impartial third party? Therefore, although difficult, compromise and civility are the keys to an expedited and less expensive divorce.

When divorce is contemplated, the first consideration should be toward any children of the marriage. Florida law provides specific guidelines for the amount of child support to be paid by each party based on their incomes. Consequently, complete and accurate financial statements are required from both parties. There are times when deviations from the guidelines are appropriate, depending on the circumstances. When discussing parenting and time sharing, it is important to note that so long as there is no detriment to the child, Florida law requires Shared Parental Responsibility. It has been found that this best serves most children. As a result of this shared responsibility, the children have the benefit of both parents involvement in their education, health, well being, and future. This is yet another, and perhaps the best reason, to engage in civility during the divorce process. Both parents are required to complete a parenting plan and generally speaking, the earlier in the process the better.

There are numerous other issues to be considered once the decision to obtain a divorce is made. Our firm is prepared to answer your questions and give you guidance through this process.

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